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[2023]   Top Reviewer at NeurIPS 2023

[2019]   The fifth place in Open Images 2019 Visual Relationship

[2019]   The Third Prize in the National College Students Computer System Ability Training Competition

[2019]   The Golden Medal in ICPC Asia-East Continent Final Contest

[2018]   The Champion in ECCV PoseTrack Multi-Person Pose Estimation

[2018]   The fourth place in COCO Keypoint Challenge

[2017]   The Nationwide Ninth Place in CCF College Computer Systems & Programming Contest


I serve as a reviewer for computer vision / machine learning conferences such as CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, ICLR, NeurIPS, AAAI, and WACV.

Competitive Programming

I enjoy solving problems in Competitive Programming and have been teaching students for eight years. Currently, I serve as a student coach of the ICPC contest for Nanyang Technological University and the OI contest for The Middle School Attached To Northwestern Polytechnical University.





Max Rating: 2501
72 Contests Attended
1906 Problems Solved

Max Rating: 2910
14 Contests Attended
83 Problems Solved

Max Rating: 2111
10 Contests Attended
128 Problems Solved

Max Rating: 2788
3 Contests Attended
22 Problems Solved

Updated: 2023-9-25